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My Mother / Maa / Mummy

2 minutes
March 11, 2023

There are several names children will call for her but she is only one and unique for all kids.

I love my mother and no matter how often I say I love you my mother it will always be less. You are the person I have met in my lifetime who has been so polite and uniform in nature in every situation, whether it was life challenging you from every aspect or it was the happiest moment of your life. You have always found the solutions to your problems without even making us realize it. Consciously or subconsciously, I have learnt countless things from you.

I have seen several mothers in my life and every mother is special but still when I look upon you and your way of dealing with life issues I feel you are unique and the single God ever made. The feeling I feel for you can never be explained enough in words but you are so special in my life that I think I want you to be everywhere so I want to write something about you.

I have seen families scatter after sometime but you have always managed to keep all relations and bondings intact. I have often heard that we cannot make everyone happy but I don’t know how you manage here also.

Being a working woman and also a housewife it takes so much. You are a divine power we have in our life. All those things you have seen in your career and tackled I don’t think an ordinary person could do. If I look back and start to connect the dots it seems like you always knew what to do in every situation beforehand. You knew how to react to every person’s reactions, how to make every person happy and also when to be strict and when not or maybe just when to just show no response. Uff imagining all that I am tired but you have and still managing all of us.

I don’t know how you managed to not think of your own maintenance ever but only of ours. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I cannot imagine my life without you. I pray you will be with us forever and live 1000 more years. Just thinking of you makes me stronger. You are the reason for all the good things that happened/will happen to our lives. It’s your endless positive vibes that remain with us and help us in our way of living life.