Hi, I'm Kajal 👋

A Developer at Heart


My Mother / Maa / Mummy

There are several names children will call for her but she is only one and unique for all kids. I love my mother and no matter how often I say I love you my mother it will always be less. You are the person I have met in my lifetime who has been so polite and uniform in nature in every situation, whether it was life challenging you from every aspect or it was the happiest moment of your life.

Move your app from Parcel to Vite

Below are the list of changes needed to switch from Parcel to Vite: changes in package.json empty out the script object Remove all things related to parcel such as for me its as mentioned below: * “@parcel/transformer-sass” * “parcel”: “^2.8.2”, Run npm i to remove all the packages. Remove .parcel-cache I had one project setup with vite in my machine so I copied the packages needed and vite scripts object to package.

How to secure Password

First of all a password should be strong (long and unique) You should have a unique password for each and every account. Hackers are benefitted in a way that if one of your account is hacked meaning all are hacked. If possible try to keep different usernames too. Make sure your passwords are tricky and also long enough(suggested atleast 15characters) at the same time. Second to make your password unique and strong it should be tricky You can use a mix of phrase, numbers and symbols arranged in a random order.